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We are Alexis & Leif Jenssen, devoted owners of the Bowerbird Agency, a family owned full service digital creative agency located in historic downtown Apex. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, we now reside with our two children in the heart downtown Apex, NC.


We weren't born in the South, but we got here as quick as we could.  


Together, we bring extensive experience and unique skill set established from years of owning and operating award winning retail and service based businesses and holding high level Executive positions in the corporate industry as well the nonprofit sector. 

The Bowerbird Agency is born out of our passion for community and love for entrepreneurial spirit. 

We are here to support your dream!


-Alexis & Leif Jenssen

What is a Bowerbird?

The bowerbird nest is elaborate and decorated with a variety of objects, such as flowers, shells, stones, feathers, and small fruits. Bowerbirds will even include human-made objects like bottlecaps, coins, and pieces of glass and are specifically attracted to blue. 

Male birds build their nests in a way that  actually forces the female to view the bird bower from only one angle. The female Bowerbird must look through the tunnel of sticks and landscape of beautiful objects to view the male. 

The objects leading into the tunnel shrink in size as they move towards the tunnel, creating an illusion that the bowerbird gets larger once it enters the nest. 

Bowerbirds, like business owners work tirelessly to make their product or service look remarkable. Much like the care and consideration the Bowerbird gives to building a nest, business owners embody that dedication to create something unique, thoughtful, exceptional. 


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