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social media marketing & managment

Grow awareness of your business, service, and product with our highly effective and engaging, local-specific marketing campaigns. Each of our Social Media clients receives quarterly content collection sessions to create truly one-of-a-kind photo and video content that is unique to their business. Great content establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind

-Option 1: $425 monthly 3 Posts per week on two platforms -Option 2: $485 monthly 4 Posts per week on two platforms -Option 2: $535 monthly 5 Posts per week on two platforms Campaigns and content will be created based on the goals discussed during monthly meetings with your marketing agency expert. After extensive demographic and industry research, we will provide relevant hashtags, and parallel community partners to support your content engagement and grow reach. Utilizing the statistics and information we receive in our monthly reports we ensure that each campaign is highly effective in its engagement. *New client R&D fee of $150 Initial R&D study includes brand discussion, demographic research, hashtag discovery, industry-relevant information, etc. Our team will optimize and manage each of your relevant platforms. Our team gathers content for each and every client to ensure high-quality, fully branded content across our working platforms. Monthly Newsletter with small business tips and tricks Monthly analytical reports

branded content creation & marketing collateral asset design

Our agency supports your business in creating and delivering clear and concise communication of your brand to your community. Branded marketing collateral assets ensure your message gets heard.

Content Creation Options: -Newsletter Copywriting $125 -Photography & Video Services: $85 per hour -Branded Design Services $65 per hour (postcards, posters, merchandise etc) *New client R&D Fee $150

website design

Our agency specializes in providing support to independently owned and operated businesses that serve a hyper-local community. Each website we build is created with your target demographic in mind and our search engine optimization elevates your site specifically in your service region, specifically targeting the audience you are attempting to engage.


Landing Page:

This simple, one-page site is perfect for a new business or small business that requires little more than a space to share general information, a gallery, a schedule, and a basic contact form. 

Essential Business Page:

Our most common plan, this site fits the needs of most service-based businesses. Up to five pages of content with customizations throughout provide an engaging space to convert visitors to your site. Contact forms with automation included, allowing for built-in customer management to nurture leads and grow your audience. 


Online Scheduling:

Ideal for any and all appointment-based service offerings.  Never miss a customer with our online scheduling platform. Allow clients to book online, pay online, and provide service-specific information with our customized forms. 


Membership Platform:

The customized membership site provides a built-in customer management platform with a private, password-protected back-end interface for clients, customers, vendors, or staff communication. This option allows for free or paid membership options. 


eCommerce or Online Menu: 

This site is for a business that sells a product or service that allows for an online acquisition. Whether you sell digital or tangible goods, offer made-to-order products, or desire to allow for services to be booked online, our eCommerce platform works for you. 


Sales & Lead Generation Sites:

Ideal for sales-based service providers who rely on lead generation to generate accounts and increase sales. Our sites work for you, with a variety of conversion tools to increase your marketing-qualified leads. 

*Pair this with our Sales and Lead Generation Marketing package for maximum lead generation!  

All of our sites come with an easy-to-use mobile app for easy owner management. 

Landing Page: $1500 Ideal for a small business or start-up as a space to share general information. One page Custom Contact Form Photo Gallery Social Media Links Monthly Analytical Reports Mobile page *Monthly hosting $45 per month Up to 1 hour of virtual website training is included. -Essential Business Site $3200 Up to five pages Custom Contact Form Photo Gallery Social Media Links Monthly Analytical Reports Mobile page Blog Newsletter Platform (*additional fee's depending on rate) *Monthly hosting $50 per month *150 per additional page Up to 2 hours of virtual website training included. -eCommerce, Online Booking, Online, Ordering Ideal for client-based services businesses, staff, or vendor management. $6400 + Up to Five Pages Custom Contact Form Photo Gallery Social Media Links Monthly Analytical Reports Mobile page Membership login and private interface for client or staff management Up to 10 pages *Monthly hosting $150 per month *150 per additional page Up to 2 hours of virtual website training included. Monthly website support services include analytical tracking monthly reports and SEO updates as needed to ensure effective, localized discoverability.

search engine optimization

SEO is vital to your business's success.  Allow us to make the necessary adjustments to your existing site to increase searchability across search engines! 

  • Integrate Meta titles descriptions

  • Optimize URL structure

  • optimize copy with keywords

  • Integrate ALT tags

  • Add relevant links throughout your content

a la carte services

logo design & brand creation

stand out in a crowd with a one-of-a-kind logo and branding packages and Keep your brand game strong with our branded digital content creation services.

$1500 You will receive a brand package with a custom logo, supporting color palette, fonts, and social media banners, all designed to appeal specifically to your demographic. We provide full color and B&W vector files in both landscape and portrait for diverse applications. What to Expect: In-depth client questionnaire and one-on-one consultation Visual Research Round 1: 7-10 Business days after the completion of the Client Questionnaire. Round 2: 2-3 Business Days after client feedback is received Final round: 2-3 business days after client feedback is received Delivery (jpeg, png, .pdf, .svg in full color, black&white) *Additional revisions available at $55 per revision round