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social media marketing & managment

Grow awareness of your business, service, and product with our highly effective and engaging, local-specific marketing campaigns. Each of our Social Media clients receives quarterly content collection sessions to create truly one-of-a-kind photo and video content that is unique to their business. Great content establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind

-Option 1: $475 monthly 3 Posts per week on two platforms -Option 2: $525 monthly 4 Posts per week on two platforms -Option 2: $625 monthly 5 Posts per week on two platforms Campaigns and content will be created based on the goals discussed during monthly meetings with your marketing agency expert. After extensive demographic and industry research, we will provide relevant hashtags, and parallel community partners to support your content engagement and grow reach. Utilizing the statistics and information we receive in our monthly reports we ensure that each campaign is highly effective in its engagement. *New client R&D fee of $150 Initial R&D study includes brand discussion, demographic research, hashtag discovery, industry-relevant information, etc. Our team will optimize and manage each of your relevant platforms. Our team gathers content for each and every client to ensure high-quality, fully branded content across our working platforms. Monthly Newsletter with small business tips and tricks Monthly analytical reports

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