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Marketing & Development Consulting

Marketing consulting services offer invaluable support and expertise to small businesses serving a local audience, empowering them to thrive in competitive markets. With tailored strategies and guidance, businesses can effectively engage their local community, drive foot traffic, and increase brand visibility. From optimizing online presence to implementing targeted advertising campaigns, marketing consultants help businesses connect with their audience, build trust, and ultimately grow their customer base. By leveraging professional insights and industry best practices, small businesses can achieve sustainable growth and establish themselves as trusted local brands.

Nesting Package

Ideal for businesses experiencing:

  • Minimal marketing budget

  • Lack of expertise and resources to create effective marketing strategies

  • Struggling to engage their audience effectively with quality content or targeted campaigns across online platforms

Early Bird Package

Ideal for businesses experiencing:

  • Inconsistent content creation leading to irregular audience engagement

  • Difficulty in measuring the effectiveness of their content efforts

  • Desire to expand content reach and visibility

Fledgling Package

Ideal for businesses experiencing:

  •  Limited budget for outsourcing content creation

  •  Lack of expertise and resources to create high-quality content in-house

  •  Struggling to engage their audience effectively through content across online platforms

Born to Fly Package

Ideal for businesses experiencing:

  • Stagnant growth despite consistent content creation efforts

  • Need for advanced strategies to stand out in a competitive market

  • Desire to establish thought leadership and authority in their industry

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Content Marketing

Content Creation

Integrating a content creation service package with one of our our consulting offerings adds immense value to our clients by providing a comprehensive solution to their marketing needs. By combining expert guidance with tailored content creation solutions, businesses can efficiently execute their marketing strategies while maintaining consistency and quality in their content. Our consulting expertise ensures that content aligns with overall business objectives and effectively targets the desired audience, while our content creation services deliver engaging and impactful materials across various platforms. This synergy enhances brand visibility, strengthens audience engagement, and ultimately drives business growth. With our integrated approach, clients can confidently navigate the complexities of content marketing, knowing they have a dedicated partner supporting their success every step of the way.

Little Sparrow

3 social media posts created and scheduled per week across relevant platforms. 

Noble Cardinal

5 social media posts created and scheduled per week across relevant platforms.

Mighty Eagle

7 social media posts created and scheduled per week across relevant platforms. 

Each package offers consistent posting of engaging and high-quality content, including text, images, videos, and relevant hashtags. Content includes reels, carousel posts, and static posts. 

*photo and video content supplied by the client. Content Collection sessions are available for Bowerbird Agency clients. 

Website Design

Website & SEO

Our agency specializes in providing support to independently owned and operated businesses that serve a hyper-local community. Each website we build is created with your target demographic in mind and our search engine optimization elevates your site specifically in your service region, specifically targeting the audience you are attempting to engage. Each Bowerbird Agency site includes custom SEO to increase organic traffic and lead generation opportunities for your brand. 

a La Carte Services for Bowerbird Agency Clients

Logo Design & Branding

stand out in a crowd with a one-of-a-kind logo and branding packages and Keep your brand game strong with our branded digital content creation services.

Logo & Branding

Promotional Products

Elevate your brand with one-of-a-kind experiences that create excitement, inspire joy, and foster deep connections with your employees and customers. 

We work exclusively with HALO, the largest branded merchandise company in the industry to bring you the best of the best in promotional goods.  

Promotional Products

Print and Digital Asset Design, & Printing

Grow awareness with digital and print assets and advertising tools. 

Print & Digital Asset Design

Photography & Videography

Elevate your brand, grow your content library, and create a visually stunning online store with our product photography services. Social Media Marketing clients receive quality content creation sessions included in their packages.